Jun 2024
The Illumination of the Squidling Brothers

The planets are lining up! Or something to that effect in the realm of sideshow biz. After years and years of touring and grinding the wheels of comedy, danger and pain for the sake of entertainment we Squidling Brothers are in a moment of illumination.

Simultaneously launching this new web site, publishing Memoirs of a Coney Island Clown, and appearing on Americas Got Talent! It feels like the moment the Jack in the box pops up and makes you jump.

Lots of exciting things on the horizon creatively. In July we will have a tour performing in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York and possibly Michigan. Some details are still being worked out, but at that point what I’ve been jokingly referring to as “the Jelly book” will be published and ready to hit the road reaching readers along the way!

We have been working on a new documentary set to be finished this year called Dark imagination Party in collaboration with filmmaker Steve Thomson. It will cover the history of the Squidling brothers while focusing on the past four years of our lives as artists and performers.

It’s time for a Squidling renaissance, and we welcome you all to come along with us in this voyage of the old and new!

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  1. David Schmid aka Strangeye

    YES! Time for the Squidlings of the Universe to Rise up out of Philadelphia with a glazing of icing from Iceland, and smack our collective consciousness! We need this. It’s 2024, and the Dark Lord is approaching the throne again!