Jun 2024
Squidling Brothers Movies

Over the years we Squidlings have created several documentaries based on our travels and life experiences, as well as a gritty DIY C-budget horror flick.  We have made animations and short films, highlighting our sideshow skills and our love of puppets.

The wonderful Chemical Burn Entertainment found us in the ether of the internet many years ago and has supported us ever since by releasing our bizarre and often heavily criticized work.   Our horror flick, Freakshow Apocalypse, has received some of the most scathing reviews ever written!  This is material alone for an upcoming blog post.

Here are links to trailers of our current feature films available for purchase via Chemical Burn Entertainment and streaming on Tubi.  “Carnivolution: Satan’s Playthings” “Freakshow Apocalypse: The Unholy Sideshow” “A Clown’s Recovery” and “Squidling Brothers Around the World”.